Your Enterprise Content Management Partner

Consulting Services

JCDS Solutions provides a complete set of services for the Documentum platform. These services range from strategic and business analysis to technical design and development (solution architecture definition, infrastructure definition, solution definition, integration, customizations, testing, migration and implementation). JCDS uses a collaborative approach to make sure that the customer is up to speed when the solution is deployed.

We have worked with many organizations that relied on us to provide guidance on architecture, solution definition, design, implementation, migration, knowledge transfer and sustainment. Our experts work with the customer to understand the business process and requirement, the application context and conceptual model, the existing enterprise data model and current system.

We then develop a comprehensive solution architecture document that captures essential elements like target architecture (TO-BE), the transition strategy/plan and architectural decisions. Our approach has been proven successful as we have successfully deployed ECM solutions for many global organizations.

Strategic and Business Analysis

Organizations must effectively capture, manage, store, and deliver enterprise content to support legal and regulatory compliance, customer relationship management, supply chain management, etc.

These critical business processes require expertise that JCDS can provide your business with. We consult your team with the best enterprise content management (ECM) solutions for your needs that will help your business to:

The results: improved performance, intelligent decisions, greater productivity, and reduced risk.

JCDS applies enterprise content management technologies to help integrate, align, and streamline processes, while making unstructured customer data more accessible across the enterprise.

Business Process Design and Optimization

In today’s global economy, it is essential to master your business process in order to be in a position to optimize it. JCDS Solutions will work with you to define, document and optimize your business process in the CM context using tools like « Workflow » and « Lifecycle ».

JCDS Solutions' Professionals have the experience to help you automate your business process using softwares like Documentum Workflow and toolkits like Documentum Web Development Kit (WDK).

A well designed solution is well accepted within an organization. JCDS Solutions can help you identify the appropriate software components to meet your needs and maximize your investment. JCDS Solutions will work with you to advise you on the design adjustments needed to meet your business needs.

System and Information Architecture

Today, technology is a central piece of enterprise information strategy. It is essential to define the information architecture well for each business solution within your corporation based on your corporate vision. JCDS Solutions considers the architecture definition as the foundation of the solution to define the information flow and retention to optimize the solution performance.

If your organization is evaluating an enterprise content management project but is lacking in house expertise, our qualified professionals will partner up with your team and share their experience in managing, defining and deploying enterprise-wide Content Management Solutions.

We help you in analyzing and organizing your critical content that must be accessible to multiple business users, easy to locate when needed, secured from unauthorized access, kept safe from loss when a legal situation requires it, and destroyed when legal retention requirements have expired.

Our professionals will ensure that your information is managed properly.

Our Methodology

Our approach is to work in partnership and share with you the best practices of the industry around design, implementation and sustainment of enterprise-wide content management deployments. We work closely with your business and technical staff to assure they have the knowledge required to support the solutions once in production. We also work closely with end-users to assure they get a solution they can actually use, and will want to use.

We stay up-to-date with the latest changes in ECM and other related products, so we can provide you with accurate advice on upgrades and new functionalities. We work with our customers to understand their current business processes and future requirements to determine the best solution designs for each customer. We provide guidance on system architecture, hardware configuration, software requirements, business solutions that will provide the greatest benefit to the customer.

We work with the customer's project team and end-users to develop comprehensive functional and technical specifications for each proposed solution, with the goal of providing all of the necessary information to your organization. We work closely with the customer's technical team during development, testing and production roll-out to assure they have a thorough knowledge of the solution before they have to support it.

Owing to this approach we have many repeat customers who have invited us back to expand their Documentum integrated systems by implementing new solutions in additional business areas within their organization.

New implementations often require analysis of previously implemented customizations, and integrating with them in a way that will enhance the enterprise content management strategy without compromising the functionality currently used in production.