Your Enterprise Content Management Partner

Integration Services

Information can be produced from multiple sources and aggregated into the Content Management Software. Out-of-the-box software may not suit all your needs. JCDS can work with you to identify appropriate software extensions and build them for you.

Also, CMS solutions are usually part of an enterprise applications landscape. Information needs to flow from one system to another using "connectors". JCDS Solutions can work with you to design and build connectors that will facilitate information flow within your corporation.

We have hands-on experience and deep expertise in all facets of clients’ business and technology environments, enabling us to not only consult but to implement and manage solutions.

Technical Development

JCDS' Application & Technical Development around Enterprise Content Management Solutions incorporate the entire life cycle services for design and development of quality custom applications founded on a stringent set of methodologies, frameworks and software assets.

We cover architecture, technology and platform development including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), .Net and open source development.

Your organization will benefit from our skilled team of developers to help meeting your specific and unique business and functional requirements in order to support your organization's needs.

System Migration and Upgrade

Corporations have to migrate or upgrade to the most recent version of software or even to a new system to take advantage of the new software features (functionalities, performance, etc.) at some point in time.

JCDS has developed a methodology to migrate repository content and client customizations to a newer release of Documentum. A successful migration or upgrade is tightly related to the knowledge of the technology and the definition of a good migration plan.

Our team of professionals will evaluate with your team the various impacts and guide your organization through the analysis and technical requirements of the upgrade.

Cloud Solutions

Companies face many challenges accessing their documents from anywhere, anytime, from any device (smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops). It is even more important to securely share information between internal and external collaborators.

Cloud solutions from JCDS Solutions offer you a platform that helps you:

The results: reduced infrastructure costs (servers, storage, etc.), an improved collaboration and productivity and a transparent integration to your existing applications.

JCDS Solutions is your partner of choice when it comes to managing your documents in the cloud.

Technical Design

JCDS allows for your enterprise architecture strategy to be translated into technical design requirements. We assess the infrastructure and develop an architecture design strategy to help define the installation, configuration and development of your ECM solution.

The proposed architecture is both a conceptual and physical model that optimizes performance of your ECM solution and takes into consideration your content, processes and regulatory aspects of your business.

These technical design documents are critical to the integration and subsequent development phases. They provide a clear roadmap of your ECM solutions.